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Woven Poly Bags

Woven poly bags are made by weaving polypropylene tapes in two directions to form a heavy duty, breathable fabric suitable for packaging grains, feed, seeds, minerals, sand, and other products.

Woven Poly Bag Features and Benefits

  • Breathable – Prevents moisture damage
  • Printing – Up to 3 colours to promote your company name and product
  • Strength – Extremely strong and durable
  • Cost Effective – No breakage

In Stock Woven PP Bags

  • White or Clear Tapes
  • Twisted Tapes (Anti-Skid)
  • Circular Woven (Sewn Bottom)
  • Hemmed or Ultrasonic Tops
  • Easy-Open Feature
  • Laminated or Non-Laminated
  • Lined or Unlined
  • Gusseted or Non-Gusseted


  • Seed Bag
  • Soybean Bag
  • Rice Bag
  • Sand
  • Grain
  • Canola
  • Beans
  • Mining Samples


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