Lloyd Bag Company

Woven Poly Bags

Woven poly bags are made by weaving polypropylene tapes in two directions to form a heavy duty, breathable fabric suitable for packaging grains, feed, seeds, minerals, sand, and other products. Lloyd Bag has become the premium supplier and manufacturer of woven poly bags throughout North America.

Woven Poly Bag Features and Benefits

  • Breathable – Prevents moisture damage
  • Printing – Up to 3 colours to promote your company name and product
  • Strength – Extremely strong and durable
  • Cost Effective – No breakage

In Stock Woven PP Bags

  • White or Clear Tapes
  • Twisted Tapes (Anti-Skid)
  • Circular Woven (Sewn Bottom)
  • Hemmed or Ultrasonic Tops
  • Easy-Open Feature
  • Laminated or Non-Laminated
  • Lined or Unlined
  • Gusseted or Non-Gusseted


  • Seed Bag
  • Soybean Bag
  • Rice Bag
  • Sand
  • Grain
  • Canola
  • Beans
  • Mining Samples


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