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The Lloyd Bag Company was established in 1939 to manufacture bags for the agricultural industry. The company now offers a variety of applications and fabric options to provide a broad range of flexible packaging solutions.

The company has a tradition of family ownership and personalized customer attention. Owner Mark Allott oversees the operation of 27 employees, combining well established technology and modern applications, which provides a line of products of superior quality.

There is an almost unlimited range of packaging options to meet the customer’s requirements. The traditional materials used in the bag making manufacturing process include cotton, leno mesh, burlap, woven polypropylene and paper.

The company operates from a 30,000 square foot plant in Chatham, Ontario where it maintains a large inventory of packaging materials in order to quickly serve its customers. There are over twenty sewing stations for rapid production and a printing facility with up to five colour capability.

With it’s extensive experience in the industry and its central geographic location, Lloyd Bag Company has become one of the premier suppliers of bags and other packaging products in Canada with a reputation for rapidly filling customer orders.

The Lloyd Bag Company is committed to providing its customers with complete personal satisfaction and bags manufactured with excellence.

Lloyd Bag Company Chatham-Kent Ontario

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