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Burlap/Jute Bags

Burlap, also known as jute, is a natural fiber cloth available in various widths and weights, used to make bags, sheets, or wire basket liners. Used for hundreds of years, this material has many advantages.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong – Different weights of material available
  • Biodegradable – Safe for the environment, can be reused
  • Breathable – Lets moisture escape
  • Custom sizing – Many widths of material available to produce a custom bag to fit your product
  • Printing – 1 to 4 colours to promote your company name and product
  • Reduces loss of your product by preventing rot and deterioration caused by trapped moisture
  • Reduces packaging costs


  • Soybeans
  • Grain
  • Nursery Liners & Sheets

Also available by the bale, or on rolls.

Burlap Bags

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