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Hand Held Sewing Machine

The NP-7A is an economical portable bag closer with steel cam designed for continuous use. These bag closers are a great addition to any production line. They are light, efficient and very easy to use and maintain. Lloyd Bag also stocks replacement parts for these bag closing machines.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed hand held bag closer offers 1,700 – 1,900 r.p.m for filled bag closing.
  • Features a specially designed shock resistant isolation handle.
  • This portable bag closer also offers an automatic oiling system that applies lubrication to moving parts.
  • Sew up to 8mm thick bags or material



  • Integrated half automatic thread cutter.
  • Single thread chain stitch (type 101).
  • Sews jute, woven poly, cotton and multi-wall paper bags.
  • Crepe tape extension available.
  • Weight: 6kg

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