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Multiwall Paper Bags

Multi-wall paper bags are available in a variety of sizes and paper weights. Multi-wall paper bags are commonly used for packaging soybeans, flour, wheat and seed.

Multiwall Paper BagsFeatures and Benefits

  • Custom Size Bags
  • Multi-plies
  • White or Natural
  • Poly Film Barrier – Prevents moisture damage
  • Printing – Up to 4 colours to promote your company name and product
  • Easy Open Feature
  • Anti-Skid Coating

Available Paper Bags

  • S.O.M. (Sewn Open Mouth) – Extremely Popular, great for Feed & Flour Products
  • S.O.S. (Self Opening Square) – Remember the paper grocery bag? Well we make ’em, but Bigger!
  • P.B.O.M. (Pinch Bottom / Open Mouth) – The Modern Day Bag! Totally sealed bag courtesy of hot melt glue. Pet food and Flour companies demand them
  • P.O.M. (Pasted Open Mouth)- For that old satchel bag look! Great for a variety of products

Paper Potato & Fruit Bags

  • Attractively printed in two colour stock designs or your personal label
  • Full size range available – 50lb / 20lb / 10lb / 5lb
  • Available in solid or mesh window
  • Handles also available

Multiwall Paper Bags

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