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History and uses of burlap bags

Looking for a durable, yet affordable material to package your products in? Burlap could be your best bet! Burlap or Hessian cloth as it is sometimes referred to, is a rough and coarse cloth typically formed from leftover vegetable fibres. Known for its strength and stability, burlap is sewn into bags as an inexpensive way to hold and ship items. Environmentally-friendly, this eco-based material is one of the top products at our Ontario bag manufacturer.

Utility and Strength

As a burlap bag manufacturer in London Ontario, we can’t help but boast about the many uses of this unique fabric. Durable and versatile, burlap is surprisingly strong given its loose weave. Made from jute, flax, or hemp fibres, burlap bags offer an earthy texture and natural beige colouring.

Often used to form storage bags for things like potatoes, grains, and other bulky materials, Lloyd Bag burlap bag manufacturer London Ontario can custom print trademarks and logos on each bag to help identify your products.

Unique Facts About Burlap Bags

  • Burlap sacks are often referred to as “gunny sacs.”
  • The actually meaning of the word “burlap” is a bit of a mystery. It likely comes from a city in India that is known by the same name.
  • Burlap is commonly used in the formation of linoleum floor coverings.
  • Because of its rough texture, burlap is best known for its utilitarian uses. However, many homeowners have incorporated the material into decorative throw rugs, tablecloths, or art projects.

Having Trouble Finding a reliable Burlap Bag Manufacturer?

The thing about burlap is it’s often difficult to find. Conventional fabric stores rarely stock it, and it can be tough to find the right resources online. Luckily, Lloyd Bag Co. is a burlap bag manufacturer serving London, Ontario and other communities in Southwestern Ontario. Our talented bag manufacturers can create custom burlap bags for a wide variety of uses, including seed storage and retail tote bags.  Lloyd Bag Co. offers custom bag sizes and widths. Your bags can also be printed with one of four different colours in order to promote your product or company name.

Contact the Lloyd Bag Co. head office today to learn more about our burlap bag manufacturing process. Call toll free 1-800-549-2247. The Lloyd Bag Co. is located in Chatham, Ontario.

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