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Bag Manufacturers Ontario – What is a BOPP bag?

Kick your marketing into high gear with BOPP bags

Bored by traditional bag types? Then kick your marketing up a notch with BOPP bag technology from the Lloyd Bag Co. BOPP, which is short for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, bags feature a thermoplastic polymer film that not only improves the optical and gas barrier properties of the bag, but also supports high quality printing.

Capable of handling “ scan-able” UPS codes, BOPP bags are perfect for retail items that require impeccable branding and guaranteed freshness.

Cost-effective Storage that Still Looks Like a Million Bucks

Our bag manufacturers in Ontario design and produce BOPP bags with high tensile and impact strength. Designed with excellent clarity, these bags boast good dimensional stability and flatness, low electro static charge, and a high waterproof rating.

Great alternatives to cellophane, PVC, IPP, CPP, PE and other plastic films, BOPP bags are recognized as being highly cost-efficient and environmentally-conscious.

Common Applications for BOPP Bags

Consumers encounter BOPP bags all the time. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Pet food bags
  • Seed bags (grasses, bird feet, etc.)
  • Animal feed
  • Compost and mulch

Our cost-effective BOPP film coatings are also well-suited to the food and beverage industry.

Advantages of BOPP Bags

There are many advantages to using BOPP Bags from our Sudbury Ontario bag manufacturers. Here are three of the top reasons:

  1. High tensile strength – BOPP bags are made to last.
  2. High-quality photographic image quality printing won’t scratch off.
  3. High gloss finish that can easily be wiped clean.

Our Ontario bag manufacturers can also include an easy open feature on your BOPP bags in order to ensure a user-friendly design.

Characteristics of BOPP Bags

There are plenty of reasons to consider BOPP bags for your next packaging projects. First, BOPP bags boast superior strength. What’s more, unlike paper bags, BOPP bags rarely burst or break, helping your to reduce product spoilage and waste. Our bag manufacturers also create BOPP bags that are resistant to UV light. Finally, our BOPP bags are manufactured with fewer layers than our multiwall paper bags, thus reducing weight and freight costs.

With BOPP bags, you can create beautiful packaging that’s worthy of your product. To learn more about this unique bagging solution, please contact the Lloyd Bag Co. directly at 1-800-549-2247.

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