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Bag Manufacturers Ontario – Why Woven Polypropylene?

Versatile and flexible, Woven Polypropylene bags are a smart investment

Woven polypropylene bags are, without a doubt, one of the most popular products at Lloyd Bag Co. Polypropylene is extremely strong, when it’s woven the fabric maintains a lightweight feel that’s versatile and easy to maneuver. Thanks to its unbelievable durability, woven polypropylene is commonly used in the grain, feed and seed industry, manufacturing industry, as well as in highway construction, land management, home construction, automobile repair, and disaster management.

Made by weaving polypropylene tapes in two directions, the result is a breathable fabric that’s suitable for a wide range of packaging projects.

Woven Polypropylene Sandbags

Our tough woven polypropylene bags are often used in disaster situations as water resistant sandbags. Excellent for use in flooded areas, our woven polypropylene bags are strong enough for temporary wall, beam, trench, and levee constructions.

Our Ontario bag manufacturers design these bags to have a flat, tight weave, which ultimately affords a superior seal for moisture control. Available in tan and orange, our polypropylene sandbags are 14” by 26” and come with tie-string closures. Double sewn seams and a hemmed top further enhance the durability of these bags.

UV Treatments Offer Extended Protection

Our woven polypropylene sandbags are treated for UV exposure that allows them to last up to 1600 hours in the sun without becoming compromised. When protected from the sun, these bags are manufactured to last almost indefinitely, making them a great investment.

Other Uses for Woven Polypropylene Bags

Our Ontario bag manufacturers also offer woven polypropylene bags for other uses. These include holding feed, grain, grass seed, fertilizers, sugar, and more. Lloyd Bag Co. also offers woven polypropylene bags for the construction industry, as well as for chemical, coal, and gravel storage.

Lloyd Bag Co. can provide you with standard bag sizes and styles or with custom-made bags for specific applications. Bags can also be custom printed with logos or type in order to create a custom finish.

Reduce product waste by preventing rot and deterioration that can be caused by trapped moisture. Lloyd Bag Co. and our Ontario bag manufacturers offer exceptional woven polypropylene bags capable of doing just that.

To learn more about this strong and versatile bagging solution, please contact the Lloyd Bag Co. directly at 1-800-549-2247.  Our woven polypropylene bags are available with anti-skid and circular woven styles.

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