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Together, we can make delicious things!

While most of our bagging products are designed for the storage of industrial and agricultural items, our cotton meat casings are designed specifically for butchers in Southwestern Ontario. Made from 100% CFIA approved unbleached cotton, and FDA approved edible food grade printing inks, our meat casings offer exceptional value and unrivalled quality.

A great alternative to natural casings, our cotton casings serve as processing molds, containers during handling and shipping, and as merchandising units for retail display. Available in any width and length, printed or plain, our meat casings not only meet, but also exceed the highest standards in the packaging industry.

Why Use Cotton Meat Casings?

Cotton meat casings manufactured by our Southwestern Ontario bag makers give a high degree of uniformity to the encased sausage product. This form of cellulose casing also has the ability to be permeable to smoke, which is an added bonus for many butchers. What’s more, cotton meat casings are impermeable to organic molecules, such as meat emulsion, which makes them a safe and healthy choice for consumers.

How Are Cotton Meat Casings Made?

Our Southwestern Ontario bag makers manufacture cotton meat casings from processed cotton linters. Cotton linters are a fine fluff-like material that is removed from the cottonseed during the separation process.

These linters are carefully cleaned and then cooked in a solution of diluted alkali in order to remove any soluble components. The chemical cotton is then washed to remove any traces of salt, before it is treated with caustic to create a moist, granular white material. This material is then mixed with carbon disulfide in order to create a yellow-orange viscous mass known as cellulose xanthate. The xanthate is mixed with another caustic solution in order to create a more viscose solution. This solution is then regenerated as the final casing material.

The Southwestern Ontario bag makers at Lloyd Bag Co. have almost 75 years of experiencing supplying the meat processing industry. Over this time, or staff has perfected the art of cutting, printing, and sewing cotton meat casings.

Together, we can make delicious meats!

To order your custom cotton meat casings, please contact Lloyd Bag Co. directly at 1-800-549-2247. Our cotton meat casings are available in any width or length.

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