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Leno mesh bags

Looking for a permeable storage bag for your agricultural packaging needs? Then look no further than Lloyd Bag Co.’s selection of leno mesh bags. Sturdy and durable, these mesh bags are perfect for storing a wide variety of agricultural products, including items like onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, ginger, and oranges. With their lightweight design and cost-effective nature, leno mesh bags offer customers a superior packaging alternative compared to other materials.

Available in various configurations and sizes, our Ontario bag makers can construct a leno mesh bag that you’re sure to enjoy.  Here’s a look at some of the options offered by the Lloyd Bag Co.:

  • Leno Mesh Bags for Onions
    The permeable nature of Leno mesh bags makes them perfect for onion storage. These mesh bags keep produce fresh and organized. Our leno mesh bags for onions also exhibit a high level of flexibility and efficiency, holding upwards of fifty kilograms per bag.
  • Leno Mesh Bags for Potatoes
    These leno bags are easy to wash, making them a great reusable item. A great option for potato storage, leno bags make it easy to clearly see the product that is stored inside.
  • Leno Mesh Bags for Other Vegetables

Leno mesh bags are suitable for a wide range of vegetable storage options. This is because leno mesh bags help contribute to significant energy savings in cold storage systems.

Attributes of Leno Mesh Bags

Our Ontario bag makers are quick to highlight the following attributes and advantages to leno mesh bags:

  • Flexible design with rigid construction – leno mesh bags boast a high tensile structure.
  • Lightweight – this helps to reduce transportation and handling costs.
  • Zero toxicity and chemical inertness – leno mesh bags are non-toxic and non-reactive. They will not transfer odour to the packaged product.
  • High product visibility – consumers can see exactly what is stored in the bag.
  • Moisture resistant – leno mesh bags do not absorb moisture, which helps keep packed products fresher for longer.
  • Anti fungal – the contents of your leno mesh bags will stay fresh and fungi-free.

Lloyd Bag Co. offers leno mesh bags in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These include PP leno bags, mono bags, and specialty bags. Recognized for their high level of quality and reliability, our leno mesh bags are a great addition to any agricultural storage plan.

Learn more about this unique product by contacting our  Ontario bag makers. Contact Lloyd Bag Co.’s bag makers to order your mesh bags today by calling 1-800-549-2247.

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